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Better results than expected

Stopped taking all supplements 2 weeks prior to getting this product to ensure a good test. I have been taking these for a month based on dosage on label. I feel great. I can truly say I am more alert. I take AM and lunch dosage. I no longer have the 3PM sleepies and I stay sleep great at night. So far I would say best supplement yet. If I feel this good I can only imagine how their animals products help with their performance! Happy Trails | Mad MacsMore Reviews on www.Amazon.com

Positive side effects

I originally started using Total People for arthritis joint pain and have been a user for several years now. In addition to less pain, I have a lot of other positive effects. I am more focused mentally, I feel better, am more energetic, and my hair is thicker and grows quickly. I do take more than recommended dosage on the bottle, which is ok as there is nothing in the pills that is harmful. Definitely a winner!!
| NanamavisMore Reviews on www.Amazon.com

Amazing for Rheumatoid Arthritis

This is amazing and I will never be without it. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis about 9 years ago and have had trouble getting out of the bed and severe shoulder and neck pain even when on my RA medication. I can get up without pain and finally fell normal like i did 15 years ago.
| Donna JenkinsMore Reviews on www.Amazon.com

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